As we received some requests from some sailors, whether the Odyssey of Speed might be starting in July already, we decided to extend the period of time for the event now starting 1st of July 2011 . This will allow more windsurfers to join and compete on this new event.

Furthermore we also decided to simplify the ranking scheme. For simplicity now only the best results in each category throughout the whole period of time (01.07. - 21.08.2011) counts. This will also give thoses sailors a better chance to win the overall title, who can only stay for shorter period of time on the island of Karpathos.

We placed already some Locosys GPS units at the local windsurfing stations Club Mistral, Planet and Pro Centre. They are ready to go. 

So let's start and have fun together. Come to Karpathos and join the Odyssey of Speed.

Cheers Tim

Hi Tim


When are the results available?


Cheers Baard