GPS Speedsurfing gives you the possibilities to consume data in your own way via an API. You can use this API to get data and use this data in your own app or website. For example, if you run your own event website, the users can post on gps-speedsurfing leveraging all the capabilities and you can consume the data enrich it and post it on your own event website. 

If you have a special request let us know and we enrich the API.

For consuming the API please use our developer portal to discover the API, get code sample's and get started.


You can logon with the same crededentials as used for gps-speedsurfing by clicking on Azure Active Directory B2C option.



Posting session data:


Integration with external sites:

The GPS-Speedsurfing, Kitesurfing and IceSailing sites welcomes integration with external sites. The system described in the PDF document allows any site to prefill data on the post session page. An example is described in the integration guide for gps-speedsurfing, when used for the other sites just replace gps-speedsurfing with the correct site name. For example, if another site calculates speeds, then the idea is that the user can click a button on that site, and they will be taken to the "post session" page on the GPS-Speedsurfing/Kitesurfing/IceSailing website, with the relevant fields prefilled.

-> See the integration guide in PDF format.integration Document