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provisional call, west winds forecast for next weekend 27-28/03/2010!!

look out, for announcements during the week
it's a go!!!
wind forecast for weekend 27-28/03/10 looks promising!

the sandbank in Drepano is still super solid!!! ( )

Skippers meeting is scheduled for Saturday 27th, 13:00 in Drepano!

Event report!


25-35knots of wind, sunny weather, more than 25 participants enjoyed two exciting races! Races took place during the weekend 27-28/03/2010 in Drepano and Tsimari, Greece. In the evening, at prize giving everybody was happy!


After two heats in Tsimari, the first 10 were the following:


1.    Minos Efstathiadis

2.    Thomopoulos Dinos

3.    Nick Vardalachos

4.    Albanis George

5.    Vangelis Avramidis

6.    Alexandros Petikidis

7.    Alexander Doukas

8.    Babis Sakadaris

9.    Manolis Kapnisakis

10. Alex Poupalos


More about this event you can find in the following links, many of them are in Greek, but you will get the idea ;-))


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