Who’s not dreaming of a race against the fastest windsurfer in the world? The F2 Speed Challenge will bring this dream closer to you at the European Surf- Festival Makkum. Everybody, who’s been standing on a surfboard, can compete against the clock!

The  GPS system of the F2 Speedteam will give you your personal time.
The fastest Speedsurfer of the event days will be the owner of a brand new F2 board! The F2 Missle Board is sponsored by the F2 importer Open Ocean.

The participators could start with their own equipment or the equipment of all the exhibitors at the event area.

The European Surf-Festival will take place in Makkum from 9.10.- 11.10.2009.
Preparations are in full swing to bring you another windsurf-highlight!

We are glad to welcome numerous exhibitors of the windsurf industry.
The exhibitors will present their newest stuff, which you can test for free.
On this page you will find updated information about new equipment, ongoing regattas and which of them you can take part yourself, sensational premieres of windsurfmovies and the attending windsurf pros and many, many more!