A quick question on GPS devices for World Record Attempt expecially around distance. Currently the prefered device is the GT31 due to battery life allowing for 24Hrs, also the Motion I believe has the Battery Capacity.

Since GP3S has approved the Coros watch for official recording does this mean that it would be accepted if attempting a distance record?

Totally understand there are many other conditions that need to be met i.e 2 devices etc but specifically is the Coros allowed to be used?

The Motion LCD device is able to be approved for the WGPSSRC records. The main requirement for divices approved for the WGPSSRC Records is that they muct produce the Doppler Error data. (The speeds of the two GPS are averaged and the Doppler error is subtracted for the Cliamed speed, meanign that there is certainty that the sailor achied at least the Claimed Speed)


Thanks Andrew for the explanation. The below is a excerpt from the website. Taking into consideration that error data is produced can the Coros be used in World Record Attempts or for GPSTC??

Does the Coros GPS Watch use Doppler?

  • Yes, like almost any other GPS device in the world the Coros uses Doppler. However, for the validation of data this is not enough. For example, devices with u-blox chips produce additional output error data which can be used to verify the data. With the latest Coros firmware the error & accuracy data is accesible in open format (.FIT) and can be accessed both local & in the GP3S Cloud for additional verification. GP3S has also access to the RAW data in the Coros Backend.


More information on how the Doppler error data is derived would be needed.

Thanks Andrew, since GP3S has done such intensive works to bring another device which has error data, wonder wether they can provide the information on how the data is derived to GPTSC so we could all benefit in our speed surfing community to additional devices. I suppose this is a question to the GP3S administrators??

I realise this conversation is a few weeks old but I can confirm that the FIT data produced by the COROS watches currently includes HDOP, Sats and COG.

They do not include SDOP (produced by SiRF and MediaTek chipsets used in the GT-31, GW-52 and GW-60) or sAcc (produced by ublox chipsets used by the Motion, Gyro1, ESP, etc).

You can confirm the contents of FIT files using the FIT CSV Tool from Garmin -