Recently bought the new Garmin Fenix 7 for running. Awesome sport watch!

Has someone experience using it while windsurfing? I noticed a extra app in the Garmin IQ store for windsurfing. I don't know if that app will display the correct datafields.

garmin has now itself also an app for windsurfing. but I would like to have te datefield required for posting here.

Note I still will be using the Locosys

Who can help?

thx Arno

Hi! I have the Fenix 6, and for me one of the best app its one call "wsurf"(instant speed in knots, 2s, 10s 500 m, etc...). But the most important is how to export de data from the gps. Export in the app with the original format (.fit), and after with the app GPSBabel, change to GPX. I have issues with the option of the app "export to GPX". The data are inconsistent. Another thing, record the data in the GPS watch every second (not intelligent) In my area the the more precise (South Europe) the configurations GPS+Glonass.  For me it's the best precise GPS after many gps I had.

On my Fenix 6 I'm using these two for windsurfing
GPSTC field 1 with Alpha 500  -
GPSTC field 2                          -

And I'll try your GPSBabel tip Xavier, sometimes I'm getting 1 second spikes in the normal GPX, that aren't there on the display. 

Jelmer Vries, try to show the GPX export in the  direct from garmin, and the same track export in original format(.fit) and converted to GPX in GPS Babel. In the GPX export direct from garmin are full of inconsistent spikes, and the original track convert in GPS Babel is a perfect line without spikes.