We currently have some issues with our ranking modules, tech crew is already investigating the root cause, we will keep you posted !

Issues are resolved (03/11/2021)

I've also been seeing some issues after posting sessions recently:

e.g. Personal bests, national rankings and event rankings not being updated

My latest foil session contains some PBs but none of the above have been updated to reflect the latest results.

Also my latest foil session contains some pbs but they haven´t been updated.

Should we delete and repost our latest session?

Deleting and re-posting the session containing new PBs does not appear to work. I tried it for a recent session (alpha PB) but deleting and reposting had no effect. What did work on that occasion was posting the new session then deleting the older session that contained the previous PB. This resulted in the new PB being correctly listed.

This workaround / hack isn't suitable in all scenarios though because there may be other PBs that you don't want to lose by deleting an old session.

Hopefully the tech guys will be able to remedy the issue.

p.s. There are also some duplicated results in the rankings. 250m in the UK is an example as #9 and #10 are the same session.

Thnx for reporting, we have scheduled some fixes later this week, we will keep you posted !

Hi Michael, can you share the link to the session you reposted? 

It would have been one of these two that were re-posted, I don't recall which one it was, may have been both of them!