we have some issues with the auto-sync feature with Coros, our tech crew is working on this together with Coros. In the meantime please use the manual upload feature , chose export to .FIT in the Coros app , we will keep you posted !

Uploading a track manually also does not work for me; "Track split" and "Map creation" get a tick mark, but it keeps waiting on "speed calculation"  and "status". The number of tracks in the queue also only goes up, so maybe this is a problem that is affecting more users. If the Coros auto-sync feature makes use of the same upload module it could also explain why that is not working?

Same problem here. Can't upload a log saved by GW-60.

I tried editing in GPSResults, saving it and then uploading. But this gives the same results. Speed calculation and status symbols keeps rotating.

Coros issue is fixed, not related to the issues above, please forward tracks to for support