i have noticed a number of posts from riders putting windsurfing runs into the kite location, while errors do happen and i have made them accidentally (and deleted them) i noticed something else that ISNT good.

runs that are clearly in the car or on land and still being submitted, the tracks show up driving down a street in a city rather than on water.

maybe its an error but its the same peole each time or a big number that messes with the ranking,  I know the kite side is very small but i dont want to see people doing it to either ranking.



You can use the flag feature for this also ->  

ok thank you, gonna be a few!

Hi James,

We used it also for some test and posted some sessions with non-kite equipment, we have removed them all and also contacted some other riders who joined our test,  good to have you onboard again, make sure you spread the word and make the others kite riders post their sessions at the platform ! Best wishes for 2021 and stay healthy !

GP3S Crew