Can't renew my membership. Error when opening the link. 

Hi Martin,

Thnx for reporting... we will take a look, please mail us also at , we will give you an alternative way for the renewal....


I also want to renew my membership but when the link opens I  have to log in.again. When I  log in with my existing speedsurfing account I get the error:

A user with the specified email has been already registered. If this is your account, and you want to associate it with 'Harry Hemminger' external record, please login firstly.

When I want to register with my Email Adress I get the error that the User is already registered.

How can I renew my membership?

In this situation please select "CHECKOUT AS GUEST"

Thank You. Success.

I have bought a 2 Year Membership.

How can I connect this with my account here in GPS Speedsurfing?

membership renewed on 10th may can you update, thanks