The 3 most important site update's for August 2020:


Equipment EDIT function:


  • we have seen many double or incorrect entry’s in the equipment lists. The problem is that this pollutes  the session and ranking search function on gives our user less valuable search results back. We have been trying with additional algorithms to filter out double entry’s and incorrect equipment entry’s. But over time we have concluded that this is not effective in the way we do it. The other try we did is asking manufactures to deliver an equipment list for every new year but the response was challenging us to come up with a better solution.


  • As a try-out you have now the possibility to correct incorrect Board listings. So we ask the community to make our database better and to clean-up incorrect items. As a try-out we start with Boards and if it is successful we will roll it out for sails, fins and spots. So, go to your equipment – select boards – select a brand and correct the incorrect items of your favorite brand. It will directly benefit your search results.


Half hour ranking in beta:

We have enabled on 1 July the half hour ranking in silent beta modes to monitor if everything was working as expected and from now on it is completely visible. So you have a new challenge to hunt for. At this moment GPSAR is not able yet to upload the half hour results, so if you have a PB half hour you can upload your track via the website as an temporary alternative or via GPS results. We plan te release the half hour ranking for GA first of January 21. 


Other updates:

  • Historical Kite surfing sessions are imported to GPS-Kitesurfing for the users that have registered for the new site
  • Unified logon screen for all our sites, so you see a new appearance of the logon screen with all the logos of our supported websites
  • We welcome to our family (currently running in beta)
  • and much more fixes and minor updates

GP3S team.

Hey Dylan, 

Nice updates! Just wondering, could you also have a look at this problem:

Tried via email and this forum, but unfortunately no reply yet.
Many thanks.