Hi, is there a problem with uploading tracks today? 

I upload using gpsar, but today it looks totally different from normal and I can't see my tracks. 

Many thanks


I managed to upload from my SD card. But I could not post using GPSAR,is there an issue using GPSAR?



There are more issues, team is aware of them but the not able to do something.

Please have some patience

I noticed lots of multiple postings. Shortly after writing here, I figured the team would already be aware of any problems 

Thank your for reporting,  we will try to fix this asap. Will take some additional time because of time zone issues (part of crew is overseas...)

Thank you :)

Problems with uploading again. Can you please fix it? Thnx in advance.

Hi Theo, 

This initial topc was started in the first week of february, we are now almost 2 weeks ahead and the root cause of this initial failure has been solved a long time ago. Reposting new issues to this topic is not the most convenient way for us to keep track of new issues or failures. To solve isolated issues fast the best way is to mail a short message to , this messags must included

  • the original track that's causing the issues
  • method of uploading (webuploader , GPS Results, GPSar Pro
  • Devices & OS used (PC, mobile, Windows version, IOS, MacOS , etc etc)
  • Short description of the issue
  • Additional screens shots

Kind regards,

GP3S Crew