Call for Beta testers Ice, Foil and Kite

We are renewing the Ice and kite sites and adding Foil as a new site. We have opened the websites for beta testing, however these sites are not accessible under the normal names, please use the following links to access these sites: 

You might experience an error when loading the website for the first time, please do a retry. If the website is not used often it needs to warm up and can give a timeout.


Urgent ASK for everybody who posted sessions in the past:

Create an account on gps-speedsurfing to make the migration of the historic sessions more easy for us.

If you decide not to take part in the beta testing, but have previously posted sessions on the kite or ice website it would help us big time with migrating the historic data to the new websites if you can make sure that you already have an account on the gps-speedsurfing website. You only need one account for accessing the websites. 



You can start posting new sessions on gps-kitesurfing. We will import / migrate the old sessions in this quarter. 



You can start posting new sessions on gps-icesailing. We will import / migrate the old sessions in this quarter and will add the different classes as where present on the old site. However it not a guarantee that we will reintroduce all classes again (based on demand).



It is up to the rider to decide if he or she would like to post his foil session on gps-speedsurfing, gps-foilsurfing or both. By posting on gps-foilsurfing you will have more scoped rankings and insights in data statistic specific for foiling. 


Questions / remarks and findings:

Please post your remarks and question in the related forum topics:

We will respond to your question, but don't expect instandtanswers or fixes (we have a normal job also).


Beta tester registration:

We would like to ask you to register yourself as a beta tester by posting a message in one of the foums:



In Februari we will evaluate the uptake of the Foil, Ice and Kite sites and we will decide if we will continue. We will only continue with a dedicated site if there is active engagement with a reasonable number of riders. If not we will close down the site. If there is eneough uptake we will publish the Beta site under the regular names.