Hi Dylan,

whats up with the site - all over the place :( first I had loads of sessions duplicated, that problem sorted. then it wont let me sign onto the UK speed and foil events and now it wont let me post a session !!! :(

Dear mister squirell,

happy sunday.

please read the satetement in the about us section:

We publish new website functions as soon as we have the core scenarios nailed and ship the bug fixes to web gradually after that. We rely on user feedback, the faster we get your feedback the better. The basic principle behind this approach is that ideas can sound great on paper but in practice turn out to be suboptimal. The sooner we publish new features, the sooner we will find out about fundamental issues that are wrong with an idea we had before. 

We are doing the biggest change in our website since 2008 and in combination with our policy to test in production to speed-up development things might block our users. But since we (GP3S) belives we are "soule mates" we respect each other efforts and help each other to make this platform better. Our sport is too small to have a team of developers and tester that make theire living with gps-speedsurfing. 

If you don't agree with this please don't use this website and stop shouting.

If you continue be respectfull in your communication, post a clear problem description with link to the pages where something goes wrong and be patient.