Can you please explain to me why 8 of my sessions seems to be removed from the site, I had 60 sessions  this year untill yesterday. Now i only see 52 sessions this year so somebody removed 8 sessions. A quick look tells me that the sessions i sailed in April and May looks to be deleted. I certainly did not remove them so i presume gp3s dit that but why is the question...

fixed now?


I had another look at it and it seems the sessions from which i changed the spotname are the sessions that are deleted,

Ik changed the names later on because the comparison with the regular spot is not fair due to the amount of weed at the time i sailed there. 

Yes I think you have a bug. My data has lost a bunch of sessions also.

Hi Mike and Rob, 

Can you check for me if you see the "missing" sessions again?


Yesss, my sessions are back.

Thank you for solving this !

Hi Dylan,

             All good now. Thanks for that.

Happy Christmas and Ra Whanau to you and the GPSSS crew, from the Kiwis.


          Mike S