Can you please tell me whats going on, several of my recent posted sessions are showing up twice on my list, I tried deleteing one of the sesssions and ended up lossing the session completely!!! :( :( :( Luckily they were only a couple of crappy foiling sessions so not the end of the world but still very disappointing as I use the site to keep a record of my windsurfing year! Can the problem be sorted please and I still caant sign up to the UK events either :(

Hi Stephen, not the gps crew, but if you log in, then click sessions in top menue, select my sessions you can delet the duplicated sessions.

to subscribe to events, click events in the top menue, click on the event you want to subscribe too, the click subscribe. Next time you are adding a session, ember to click on the "event name" box, it the last option under the wind direction box. If you do not click the "event box" your session will not be added to the event. 

hope this helps, if you get stuck, drop me a PM on FB

Hi Mark, just seen your reply on the GPS site, I tried deleting one of the duplicated sessions and ended up losing the whole session for that day and had to find the gt-31 file in my recycle bin to reinstate them and have been trying to sign up for the UK speed and foil events as you suggest and nothing happens ??? cheers Stephen.

Hi Stephen, we cannot reproduce this specific item,  seems like a local issue, maybe caused by slow connection or so ?  Please contact the local event admin for questions about local events. He can forward issues to the GP3S crew.

I see also many sessions 3, or more times in my session list . Not every session  and not every session the same number

Problem ocuured this week


Some sessieons are duplicated 4 or 5 tiimes. If I try to delete 1 all dissapear , If I repost  I see again 4 duplicated sessions.

Please look in to this als it ruins al  statistics (number of sessions, material stats , spot stats) And simply deleting sessions is not working


For the sessions this occurs, al  al postings by other members on the same spot are also duplicated 

It happens on all sessions I posted on foil this year, not on the other sessions!

Thnx for reporting, we will take a look, in meantime please do not add or delete multiple sessions foil related, this makes it easier to fix it afterwards....

Same for windsurf sessions, Marco Lambers had this today

should be solved now for windsurf sessions, foil needs additional checks from our side.

Hi Dylan, the problem still exists. Me and other windsurfers have the same issue. Look here: 

you can see that everybody has double sessions. In my case it has nothing to do with the foil, because I don't have one :)

And the doubles are not only in 2019. It's also over my previous years. Never had so many sessions. In the dashboard the correct numbers are shown, but in the sessions overview under statistics its wrong.

Thanks Hugo for sharing the link, this really helped to discover the problem directly. 

Can you have a look at the 2019 sessions and discover if the problem is now solved for 2019 sessions? I have applied a fix.



Hi, Dylan,

My duplicated sessions seem to have disappeared :) but I still can’t sign onto the UK speed/foil events and my foil speeds have disappeared from my mouthy/yearly stats ????

Hi Dylan, the problem is solved. Doubles are gone now. In the sessions overview i see that i am missing 1 session in 2015. I had 99 sessions and now there are 98 sessions. But i know that i added a session manual in 2015, maybe thats the one. If needed ill sort it out. If not needed, then i am happy now ;)