I try to get the sonntag sl pro 43 in my quiver. After choosing it I get the message the fin is put to my collection but I do not see it in my list

Anyone? Still does not work ...

Could you provide more info (browser version, OS, etc ) , have added some gear alos in last days, but no issues. 

Same here, the selected Sonntag SL PRO 32 doesn't appear in my list while the pop-up message says that the fin has been added to my list. Both in Edge (version 42.17134.1.0) and Chrome (version 76.0.3809.100).


And the same for Firefox (Version 69.0)

same here , cannot add my sonntag sl pro 32 2019 fin.....safari browser


Strange, I can add a Tribal fin. But it still does'nt work when I want to add the Sonntag SL-Pro 32.