My board isn't listed (as its a custom slalom) and i cant add any new board :S

Anyone else have this problem?

 BR, André


We just release a new build fixing this issue, could you please give it a try and confirm it's working again ?

For me it is not possible to add a new board/fin/sail

Nope not possible. You only get a search engine, but I want to add new boards (2019 and 2018)

Thnx for feedback, think we have made the "add" feature a bit hard to find, to add new gear (so gear that's not already listed in our overall database) you first have Search, than add a Filter for the specific brand you want to add gear from and scroll down , so will see the button "Add new equipment"  underneath. We will discuss this in the next team meeting to improve this....

hi , i also have the same problem , for adding a fin ,

the button ``add new equipment`` does not appear , affter search with a brand 





I think it is a cache issue, after searching and filtering a couple of times the button shows itself.

Added 2019 gear yesterday

just tryed searching for 10 minutes , no button , page refreshed sometimes , other browser , nothing so far 

post the specs and i'll add it

Want to add my new sail but no button to be found. Why is this still not so;lved, was working simle and easy before you made the changes...

Ok, seems you have to search on the brand, wait for result , than fill in the brand again in Filter...

Updated the UI today to be more user friendly for this action.

yessssss , works again ,many thanks