Today we updated the site with fixes and optimizations:

  • Search: we have two types of search options on the site, a strict search and a free text search. The free text search is improved and updated, you can now search all sessions based on "dylan de Jong NeilPryde 6.4" will show all sessions from Dylan using a neilPryde with size 6.4. You can find this option under [sessions]-[search]
  • Equipment search and quiver list: the selection of boards, fins, sails is optimized now and you can search the equipment you would like to add to your list using free text. This makes it easier and you can add multiple items without leaving the page.

Really easy search option right now! Can you still add custom gear (fins) that aren't yet in the list?

Hi Dennis, you have to select one of the filters, than the option is available. I would like to prevent that people at the same gear time over time and thought that forcing the users to search first would make it a bit harder...maby it is too hard now.