I was wondering if some of you could give me a few tips to improve my alphas? I rarely sail completely flat venues so I have slower entry speeds and chop to contend with but even after a full planing gybe I am only getting 15/17 knot alphas. Do I need to bear off more before the turn, then sail broad or head up after to get back to the 50m mark ? I would be pleased to get a few more 20 knot alphas :)

Hi Stephen, can you analyze your alpha's in GPSar or GPSresults? When I first started here (tracking my sessions) I noticed that I didn't make a nice curve. All my gybes were cut off at the end. The biggest problem was my exit speed. After i analized the problem, I immediately started to improve the alpha's.

the key is high speed in take youre jibe in a nice curve. i have Alpha's now with 25+ Knots on a normal slalom (Isonic97, and 6.5Vapor but also 7.1 will do it) and i'm light weighted my absolute maxspeed is a few knots higher.Bear off before the turn
Nice curve with just enough pressure, bend knees,  
Race jibe it laydown but not to much, the power you need the get it up right can stall the flight through the curve esp when you new to it
When shifting try getting full pressure in youre sail (still planning like hell)  but dont cut-off the last part because then you will for sure stall
The exit of the jibe you have full power (when not fully powered pump it) take it again some more wide, then you can go upwind to youre mark where you started youre aplha race.

So keep the jibe as round and clean as possible ;)


Saturday, a new PB on my Alpha 47,7km/h just wasnt focussed on Alpha's  but more on slalom.
Anyway, everytime the tricks works, i'm aiming now for the almighty 50km/h Alpha. The boards have the control, the sail also, now its in my hands :S :D

Thanks for your help :)

Thanks for your help :)