We have updated our web-uploader with a new and improved version. You can now upload any session directly from the GW-60 and the uploader will split the data into separate days (if it has multiple days of course :) ) and you are able to post them as separate sessions. We have tested it for a few weeks in our test-environment, so we think it's ready to rock and roll , but you never know... 

If any issues occur please contact us at , the processing of the tracks will take some minutes, so please be patient when testing. We working on some small improvements to make it faster and improve the progress indicator also.

We also have fixed a bug with the registration module, this one has been playing around for a long time and it took us lot's of time to fix it. In the last weeks some new members assisted us in our test environment and provided valuable logging and info. Many thnx for this also ! 

Hope you enjoy the new build !!!

GP3S Crew


I try to upload results from my GW60 for the first time, but is getting this error message: "No data found, make sure your account and password is correct set in gpsresults or gpsar". I am using a Mac, and the GPSLOG-file is visible on in the computers FINDER. I do not understand the reference to gpsresults or gpsar, since uploading is made possble directly on the website.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Thomas, 

Make sure all settings on the GW-60 are correct (can be found here -> ) . You could also forward your logfile to so we can have a look.