Hi GP3S,

Maybe it's an idea to make a foil ranking, just like there is one for formula?




Thnx, we will add this to the worklist, would be nice to hear out how many riders are interessted on this....

Yes ofcourse. If it's only 5 men it isn't logic to do an effort to make this ranking. Thanks in advance.


I will participate in the Foil Ranking!

Me too !

I'm fairly sure Foil ranking will be useful. Riders in Mauritius with foils use gps devices to check their speeds too. 

Me too!!

Though I currently crap myself if I go over 26 knots on the foil :)

I'm very interested in a foil ranking too. I'm my spots the people is using GPS and foil!

Maybe, is a good idea when you choose as a fin a foil of the list, then the gps results put the data in a diferent list.

Sounds like enough interested people ;-)

Really ????????? :) Counting 6 --- let's say we need 25 at least !!

i would like to have such a ranking, the guy`s from speedkini have it, but the are to proud as bavarians to share with not bavarians :-) 

That will be a nice addition to the ranking indeed.

 I support the wish for a foil ranking!

Yes please ??

A foil ranking would be great. My PB is slightly above 27 knots, but hoping for 30 this year.

Ok, thank you all, we have decided to build this ranking, we keep you posted when we have it ready to test it !

Thanks GP3S! <3

Small update on the foil ranking: We have finished the development of the backend site for the new foil ranking. Will be a bit the same setup like the formula ranking on GP3S. Based on the current planning we think it will be online in 2 or 3 weeks.... 


We will keep you posted !!

The Beta version of the foil ranking is available for testing:

- add a new fin that represents your foli and select "this is a foil fin" when creating the fin

- post your session and select the foil fin

- after 15 minutes your session will be visisble in the foil ranking (rankings - select foil)

please test and let us know.


Good work. 

We released the option to post foil session on GPS-Speedsurfing.comand the first session already have been posted. Check out this small clip how to add foil gear to your equipment, post a foil session and check out the foil ranking....

Have noticed that - approx. since around the time the the foil ranking was introduced - the evaluated rankings are incorrect and not computed anymore. At least not hour and alpha, maybe the others as well. Wondering if there is a causal link (development-related) ? Maybe there's an easy fix ?