GW60 vs GT31, max speed.
Compares the logfiles in GPSARPro and find differences. 
Maximum speed in GT31 display and in GPSARPro always show exactly the same values. 
Max speed in GW60 always shows less when read in GPSAR, doppler on or off, it does not matter.


This is because max speed in software is average of 1 second whrer GW60 measures at 5hz (5 samples per second) Think about it: Speed is calculated in distance over time. When you have a small accuracy error in every sample, this is amplified by the higher sample rate of the new watch!.

With the GW-60 it is better to look at the 2s, max is funny, but 1/5 sec (0,2s) is not something we use ;)

5hz = 5 updates per second

With the Gyro devices we can use 1, 5, 10 and 18hz (=updates per second), but on the display it will show 2s speed values as a standard value. 1s is a possible option in the big screen overview. Nobody is interrested in 0,05 sec