Last year when the GW-60 was distributed, the updates Yann made were like flying bullets, think he made 10 updates within a week! There were some versions that worked fine with the .sbp files from the GW-60 incl. splitting files and uploading. He finished with version 5.23 date feb 2' 2017. from this version it is impossible to upload from GpSarPro to GP3S. Using previous versions is not accepted to upload (error message from GP3S) I've reported this several times to GP3S. Yann is not responding.

Of course uploading tracks directly to GP3S works fine, but I realy loved working with GpsArPro and uploading to the site directly after calculating in GpSaR.

I hope everything is ok with Yann Mathet

Totally agree, always really enjoyed his software, and hope all is ok!

I think I can still upload from gpsar but alpha and maybe hour are missing so use the website direct.

Hoe krijg ik mijn Gps ar pro weer goed hij doet het niet geeft een bericht als ik de trek heb weg gestuurd dat die verouderd is hij is van 2015 5.11 geen idee hoe het moet hoop dat iemand het me uit kan leggen in het NL . Groetjes Jacques Pellen .

Hij doet het weer .?? 

Fixed by Dylan