Hi gs3s 

I renewed my gold membership a few days ago, but it has not been activated. Could you have look please?



Must be ok now... 

Thats great, thank you :)

Hi for me the same, I renewed it but it's yet not activated. Could you please have a look at it. Thanks in advance.



done @Rene

for me also , paypal 5th april ,   

Hi Eric, done, just logoff and login in, and all will be fine...

Hi, I paid for the renewal of my goldmembership on 3 may, but untill now it isn't been activated.

And one more thing: it would definitely boost the professional appearance of this site when the clearest spikes would be removed from the various general rankings. I think it is a half hour of work.

I'll give you my top 3:

- Maximilian Eberleh with a 100m of 324.01 knots

- Henrik Ewers with a 2s max speed of 66.61 knots

- Gerrit Slijkoort with an alpha of 30.72 knots





Hi Dirk,

Most easy in these cases is to mail us directly and not wait for 3 months :) Automated renewal of premium membership is supported when email adresses of both account & paypal account are identical, but this is not alway the case ...

With thousands of sessions every year it's alway possible that incorrect session are posted, we would like you to share those sessions with us in more detail. Could you please forward the links to the specific sessions, and make it more easy for us to correct them ! 

GP3S Crew

Thanks for the quick activation.

As you certainly have read in my previous message, I have not waited 3 months, not even 3 weeks to notify you. I just wanted to give you guys a few weeks time to jump into action.

Below are the 3 links. If you just overrun the top of all the general rankings, you will find several other weird results in a few minutes. Try it :-)

Thnx Dirk, we have corrected these sessions, don't hesitate to contact us again by when you find any strange session data... 

Happy New Year GP3S team.
Pleas look after my Goldmembership. e-mail Adress in paypal and gp3s ist the same. Payment is from 27.12.
The automated renewal did not work?

kind regards

Hi Werner,

Must be ok now (after new login) , paypal email address & account email address must be 100% identical for renewal...

Hi, it works now. Thank you. Both email addresses stil the same.

Hi. Can you apply my premium membership please?

My e-mail address for this site is different from my PayPal account.

Regards, Mike


It seems to be an issue on automatic  membership rerenew, as mine was paid  from my pay paypal account, but it is not active anymore on my profile. I have the old membership on 30erou is there some conflict on new and old?

Best regards


@Michael & @Brian , must be ok now.  We will take a look at the pay-pal module and investigated it. When problems occur with premium-membership please contact us for the fastest response at ...

15/02/18 +/- 12:30 payed 25€ with Paypal to new membership that had expired 14/02/18

- after OK payment, Paypal returns to gp3s. Logged off, logged on. But when clicking an any feature requiring gold membership (e.g. view track), still getting the message that membership needs to be renewed

- logged off and on again: same thing (including a temporary error "500 oh no it's us")

13:00 - cleared Chrome cache, browser history, cookies: same thing

Please investigate & fix


Hi, Could you activate my renewal gold membership please? I paid with paypal a few days ago.


Best regards:)  

Hi Mark,

first of all thank you for supporting .... your premium account must be operational right now!

Thank you, all good now 

Hi gs3s 

I renewed my premium membership a few days ago, but it has not been activated. Could you have look please?


Harry Hemminger


Hi Harry,  must be ok now....

Success ! Thank You !

Hi gp3s Team,
I try to renew my Goldmembership several times now. The result is always the same german Paypal Error Message:
"Die letzte Aktion konnte leider nicht abgeschlossen werden.

Wenn Sie einen Einkauf tätigen oder eine Zahlung senden wollten, prüfen Sie in ca. 30 Minuten Ihr PayPal-Konto und Ihren E-Mail-Posteingang auf Erhalt einer Transaktionsbestätigung.

Wenn Sie von einer anderen Website auf diese Seite gelangt sind, kehren Sie bitte zu dieser Website zurück (verwenden Sie dazu nicht die Browser-Schaltfläche "Zurück"), und starten Sie die Aktion erneut.

Wenn Sie von der PayPal-Website auf diese Seite gelangt sind, klicken Sie oben links auf das PayPal-Logo, um zur Startseite zurückzukehren und die Aktion erneut zu starten. Ggf. müssen Sie sich erneut einloggen."

Try two times to get answers by email from but nobody answers my request. Maybe there is still something wrong with my email adress in your database? My email ist Same as paypal adress. Please let me know.


H Werner,

We have contacted you by mail to find a solution for this...

GP3S Crew

Hi gs3s 

I Subscribed to gold membership a few days ago, but it has not been activated. Could you have look please?



Hi Brett,

Must be ok now, for other members who have problems with the upgrade, please don't hesitate to contact us at

GP3S Crew

Hi gs3s 

I subscribe to gold membership  last sunday, but it has not been activated. Could you have look please?


Enrique del valle

I want to renew my Gold membership, but using regular VISA card, not via Paypal (have no Paypal account and do not want to create an account).
- Click Subscribe -> opens a screen "Log in to complete your checkout"
- bottom right, "Don't have a PayPal account? Pay using your debit or credit card"
- after clicking this, a fill-in screen opens for personal data, card number etc.
- after confirming this screen, another screen opens that forces me to create a Paypal account...
So apparently there is no way to continue without creating a Paypal account ?

Please advise how to make a payment without Paypal.


Hello Pat,

Please contact us at 

Thnx !

GP3S Crew

Hello crew, you have activated my membership (by mail Jan Hendrik).

Yesterday I was able to see tracks.
Today when I click "View track" it says that I need to activate my Premium membership, but in my Dashboard it says that the membership is activated..?

Thanks for checking this.

Hi Pat,

We have send you an email this evening, please check it out....

GP3S Crew

Paid my subs a couple of weeks ago, emailed you a couple of days ago, still no premium membership.

Hi Rob, didn't find any email messages, but must be fixed now...

Hi, could you activate my gold membership please? I paid by paypal a few days ago.

Best regards


Please activate a membership according to payment.

Best Regards,


Hi gs3s 

I renewed my gold membership a few days ago, but it has not been activated. Could you have look please?



Hi GPS-Speedsurfing Team

I renewed my gold membership one week ago, but it has not been activated. Could you have look please?

Best regards