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  Sailrocket hits warp speed!
11/16/2012 8:33:32 PMChris Torckler

Huge congrats to Paul Larsen and the team behind Sail Rocket!...  not ratified yet but  looks like 59 +  knot average for the 500 ...   taking the outright record by a huge margin and knocking the kites clean of the podium! 
With  two record attempts about to start for the kiters  Salt and Speed and Luderitz  the benchmark  has been lifted high  but not unreachable...

I suspect we need some major development in our kites to a true  speed wing to jump this new hurdle to take the outright back tho! 

11/17/2012 5:25:11 AMTilmann Heinig

Development is always a good thing. But what´s about the depth rule, the biggest scandal in speed history ? Photos from Salt and Speed show an excavator again...
11/17/2012 9:11:20 AMRob Munro

59.23kts!  Is amazing.

Tilmann, I did ask the question regarding the true beam width of the Sailrocket.  It still remain unanswered as does the depth of the water whilst running....

The WSSRC is a sham, BUT this takes nothing away from the achievement of Paul & his team.  

Shame we do not have an Association with a backbone regarding these issues.
11/17/2012 11:20:35 AMTilmann Heinig

What I meant is: the most important "development" would be to abolish the depth rule. 
As the intention behind the rule was to protect sailors from kiteboarders. I think this is not necessary anymore ;). 

It would be in the sailor´s own interest to abolish it, because now we can always say:

Sailrocket is only the fastest because the depth rule slows us down. So there will always be a smell of being a protege of the WSSRC behind Paul & his team.

By the way I like him and the sailrocket very much. He is a nice guy and  sailrocket is a piece of art !
11/18/2012 12:08:21 AMDavid Williams

"By the way I like him and the sailrocket very much. He is a nice guy and sailrocket is a piece of art !" To true I don't care too much weather it legal or not its an increadable speed and they deserve recognition for it but rules are rules and they should be implemented regardless of what type of craft. I remember been involved with all the fuss over water depth a few years back and we the kiters bent over backwards to comply and it was very easy to prove water depth with the infamous tyre but how can they prove they was in deep enough water knowing that Walvis is a shallow shelving beach and once planing they could go alot shallower than the beam of that craft rule would allow. The rule needs to be abolished so they can keep the record.
11/18/2012 9:06:14 AMTilmann Heinig

And: We are all looking for the truth. We want to know, who is REALLY the fastest. The depth rule is only for political reasons and has nothing to do with reality.
11/19/2012 5:45:27 AMJake Janowski

Hi Guys, What exactly is the depth rule? Jake
11/19/2012 11:03:22 AMTilmann Heinig

half the width of the board = minimum waterdepth
Last time I heard about 18 cm - is this still correct ?

In 18 cm the waves are still too big and slow you down. 5 cm are perfect. In less water than 5 cm you have not enough grip. So it´s selflimiting. A rule is superfluous. Unfortunaly the WSSRC officials don´t know this as they are sailors and have no idea about kiting. 

11/20/2012 10:23:00 PMDavid Williams

@ Jake Taken from the WSSRC website For every record attempt on a WSSRC approved course, there must be a minimum depth of water, which is defined as follows. At the time of the run in question, the shallowest part of the course must be covered by water with a depth of at least half the static immersed beam of the craft involved, or 10cm, whichever is the greater. (Guidance note To define the depth requirement, the craft or board involved should be afloat and the widest part of the hull or hulls touching the water should be measured. In the case of a multihull, the widest hull is measured or hydrofoil if fitted). In the case of an event involving a number of competing craft, the WSSRC Commissioner can announce at the commencement of the event what the minimum depth requirement will be. On a typical kite speed board thats around 30cm wide we can go down to 15cm but on something like sailrocket that has a beam of 12.4m ( ) they have to be in water deeper than 6.2m. It would be interesting to hear from the WSSRC on the depth of the run, wouldn't it be ironic if the yachty's fell foul of a rule they thrust on kites to try and halt our progress.
11/21/2012 5:24:00 AMChris Torckler

When this depth rule was first introduced  I sent several email to  the WSSRC questioning the validity of Sailrockets records based on the required depth under the rule...   I received a very caustic  and almost abusive response  to my mail... not answering the question at all ... but  demanding why I dared to question  the WSSRC's  honesty and credibility...  it sure didnt  convince me that we are all sailing under the one rule book...  but  really just restated the obvious that this rule was an attempt to handicap the kitesurfers!!      
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