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   WGPSSRC Official Record Holder: 10 sec run
NameTilmann Heinig
WGPSSRC record titleNational
Record Speed54.6 knots
Record DateMonday, October 28, 2013
Record SpotRomo Soenderstrand, DenmarkVirtual Earth
Record Board-
Record Kite-
Record Fin-
Forummonth AVGmonth Milemonth Hourmonth Alpha
11/6/20148:36 AMVideo of record board 2008
10/16/20145:42 AMRTK
4/18/201410:49 AMLog inn
3/13/20146:38 PMAguera boards
2/15/20143:07 AMOz venues and events
1/6/20142:15 PMFuntoys New board brand
10/22/20131:59 PMKite Logos
10/21/20137:54 PMAdd RRD kites please
10/21/20137:27 PMKite logos
10/6/201312:50 AMProposed replacement for GT-31
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