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NameRolf van der Vlugt
HomespotScheveningenVirtual Earth
Sponsor(s)Airush, Protest boardwear, TU Delft, Flyboards

Weight80 kg
Weight Class71-80
Height184 cm
Age classSenior (19-35)
Member sinceSunday, April 30, 2006
Sessions posted20
  Session information
session_dateThursday, October 9, 2008
SpotLuderitz, Laguna 2, Namibia
BoardCustom X-treme
KiteAirush Flow SLE 7.0
FinWipika 0 5
Average speed48.66 knots ( 49.3 48.6 48.6 48.4 48.4 )
Max. GPS (display)55.75 knots
Max. 2 sec. (software)55.7 knots
100 m run53.9 knots
250 m run49.3 knots
500 m run47.9 knots
Nautical mile17.7 knots
1 hour9.4 knots
Distance58 km

RemarksThis is my whole last Luderitz day. After the competition I had this crazy session with Catman maxing at 55.75 wow. I've never even been close to this... where's the limit?

Catman maxing at 61.77 in this session... nothing more to say :).

O jeah, Catman, thanks for borrowing your Hydra kite for this last session!

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