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NameMike Holland
HomespotGlenorchyVirtual Earth
CountryNew Zealand

Weight85 kg
Weight Class81-90
Height185 cm
Age classMaster (36-50)
Member sinceTuesday, April 12, 2011
Sessions posted9
  Session information
session_dateFriday, April 13, 2012
SpotTe Wae Wae Lagoon, Tuatapere, New Zealand
BoardCustom Decay Speed Ski
KiteOzone C4 9.0
FinHome made ozone 3
GPS typeNavi GT-31

Average speed43.86 knots ( 45.36 44.43 43.76 43.15 42.6 )
Max. GPS (display)47.64 knots
Max. 2 sec. (software)47.39 knots
100 m run47.07 knots
250 m run44.9 knots
500 m run39.25 knots
Nautical mile22.81 knots
1 hour0 knots
Alpha racing0 knots
Distance0 km

RemarksWell pretty crazy day, wind was too west and light most of the day but the forecasted increase and SW direction change stonked through as promised by Swellmap at 3pm! Had a few good runs, when  gusts came through when i was up at the top of the course ready.  Had one massive gust come through mid session but i was at the bottom of the course got destroyed,too windy to tack upwind, inhaled a bunch of water full of duck shit and vomited all over my bar/lines!  Fun and games! Was all worth it in the end with a PR result. $0$0 $0Many thanks to Chris Torckler for the help with my upload and gps settings.$0 $0$0 $0 $0-Mike Holland$0 $0

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