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NameDan Player
HomespotStansburyVirtual Earth

Weight84 kg
Weight Class81-90
Height174 cm
Age classSenior (19-35)HomepageFacebookBlogpicasayoutubeTwitter
Member sinceFriday, January 9, 2009
Sessions posted2
  Session information
session_dateSunday, January 9, 2011
SpotStansbury, AustraliaShows Spot in Virtual Earth
BoardCustom Slingshot Misfit
KiteSlingshot RPM 10.0
FinSlingshot Symmetrical 2
GPS typeNavi GT-31

Average speed32.71 knots ( 33.62 33.23 33.16 32.12 31.44 )Shows Runs in Virtual Earth
Max. GPS (display)0 knots
Max. 2 sec. (software)35.55 knots
100 m run34.51 knots
250 m run32.41 knots
500 m run27.4 knots
Nautical mile17.25 knots
1 hour12.89 knots
Alpha racing14.93 knots
Distance31 km
Wind directionS ( 270)

RemarksStarted on the Caravan Park sandbar today and ventured out to the northern side of the spit. Low tide was at 1.30pm (0.2m) and I was on the water 30 mins later. Achieved a max of 61.380 kph on the northern side but found flatter water on the southern side where a max of 66.636 kph was reached. 

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