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NameLouis Tapper
HomespotLyall Bay, WellingtonVirtual Earth
CountryNew Zealand

Weight84 kg
Weight Class81-90
Height178 cm
Age classSenior (19-35)
Member sinceTuesday, November 18, 2008
Sessions posted12
  Session information
session_dateFriday, October 2, 2009
SpotTangimoana, Manawatu, New Zealand
BoardNorth Race LTD
KiteCabrinha 9 Crossbow IDS 9.0
FinC3 custom 10
GPS typeNavi GT-31

Average speed25.33 knots ( 26.08 25.74 25.7 24.86 24.26 )
Max. GPS (display)0 knots
Max. 2 sec. (software)27.47 knots
100 m run26.41 knots
250 m run25.63 knots
500 m run24.82 knots
Nautical mile23.9 knots
1 hour20.72 knots
Alpha racing10.27 knots
Distance102 km

RemarksTangimoana to Plimmerton in record time! Super stoked with this solo effort, an hour average of 20.72, new NZ fastest time and top 10. I hadn't gone out specifically to do a fast hour time and was just part of the 100km run (3 hours 45 min). I had a quick 10 min food break at Waikanaie but apart from that didn't stop. The run down from Waikanaie was super slow with a difficult wind angle initially and then choppy gusty hardcore conditions coming into Plimmerton. The plan was to go as far as Makara but I thought better of it in the conditions.
Unfortunately I didn't have a second GPS on so this probably won't be an official NZ record. Felt like the hour run could have been even quicker had I not bailed a couple of times. There was a decent amount of surf running so the nose on the board got lost a few times on the way down. The North board was not ideal in the chop and surf.
New 9m Crossbow is really fast and stable so super stoked with it! Body handled things really well and I had relatively fresh legs at the end.
I have loaded a session log with Google map here

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