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#NaamAvgRun2 sec500Alpha
1Andy Dixon43.6944.4446.4437.450
2Gavin Broadbent43.544.5754.1832.590
3Chris Torckler 42.7243.1844.9638.140
4Christopher Blake42.5143.4645.3937.60
5Luke Wigglesworth40.0540.6845.7730.7519
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  May 26 2009 - Mangawhai Heads estuary - New Zealand
5/26/2009 4:09:38 AMLuke Wigglesworth

Top speeds were on port, but this was way too short for 10 sec average, had 5 peaks over 46 knots. Not as good 100 meters as I thought.
5/26/2009 6:07:43 AMAndy Dixon

Nealry didnt go, but glad I made the effort.
Excellent day all round with new PBs for max speed, 10 sec avge, 100m and 250m.
Congrats to Gav on his massive 55kt run. Shame I missed seeing the wipe out at the end. Gonna be very hard to beat.
Disappointing that C couldnt make it. Next time

5/26/2009 6:17:09 AMGavin Broadbent

Stoked on new PB's for max, 2sec and 100m!!... a wild ride well over powered and ending in big chop and a massive wipe out. The new port Big World/GB custom handled it well and is still in one piece.
Asides from this run all my best runs were on the trusty twin tip and on starboard.
5/26/2009 8:04:39 AMChris Torckler

Guys if you can all send in your tracks asap and will get rankings updated 
Cheers Chris
5/28/2009 11:17:02 AMChris Torckler

couple of pb's and good to get out of the office
7/13/2009 8:50:09 AMChristopher Blake

edited this old session to delete the nautical mile which was wrong
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