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#NaamAvgRun2 sec500Alpha
1Robin van Baarle40.9341.5645.5934.210
2Basil Cambanis38.4439.3440.5334.4320.39
3Marten Bjornsson38.1238.5940.9434.8919.43
4Marten Bjornsson37.7738.6443.0927.2418.03
5John Olausson36.0437.5340.3629.9218.4
6Sandra Larsson34.0334.8637.6813.716.73
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  Feb 22 2009 - River Veldrift - South Africa
2/22/2009 7:33:51 PMMarten Bjornsson

Testing some new boards:) And I like them!
2/22/2009 7:38:53 PMMarten Bjornsson

Testing a new kite and YES it is good!
2/23/2009 9:24:00 AMJohn Olausson

2/23/2009 5:32:30 PMRobin van Baarle

Nice day on the river, was seb there as welll???, o, en thanx sandra for NOT hanging in my lines this time, haha.
see ya
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