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NameNigel Bowley
CountryUnited Kingdom
Sponsor(s)naish UK, Da Kine, Lost Cause

Weight110 kg
Weight Class101-110
Height188 cm
Age classMaster (36-50)
Member sinceMonday, July 4, 2005
Sessions posted3
  Session information
session_dateFriday, October 27, 2006
SpotWalvis Bay Speed Strip, Namibia
BoardCustom Black Death Pro Model
KiteNaish Raven 8.0
FinNaish Custom 5
Average speed39.16 knots ( 39.47 39.37 39.37 38.94 38.63 )
Max. GPS (display)41.2 knots
Max. 2 sec. (software)41.21 knots
100 m run40.02 knots
250 m run38.94 knots
500 m run38.43 knots
Nautical mile35.85 knots
1 hour19 knots
Distance35 km

RemarksFirst time on the Mile course and finished behind Rob who beat me by an incredible amount of speed calculated at .07 of a knot. Unfortnately Rob had is laptop stolen and his track is lost, so I am now winning!

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